Natasha Wodak

2016 Olympian. Canadian 10000m & 8km record holder. 13 time national team member. Ambassador for Smith, Nuun, Session Athletics & Polar Global. Nike Canada VOKRA volunteer/supporter. My passion is running, but kitty cats are a close 2nd!

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My first session at 7000 feet on the track was rough. 50kmh winds made 6*800 very challenging. I knew after the first interval I wasn’t gonna be anywhere close to my goal paces. But with the support of coach @geoff800 we made a few adjustments to salvage the WO. Can’t crush every session! But you can always put in 100% effort- and that’s all you can do sometimes. On to the next! #keepinitreal #altitudetraining #sealeaveleffortNOTsealevelpace #flagstaff #justdoit #nikecanada #womensrunning #smithoptics #polarglobal 📸 @nathan6rmt

Survived my first WO at altitude 😁 4 sets of (3min-2min-1min) hard, 2min easy between each and 5 min easy between sets. Usually I take half that amount of rest- but gotta respect the altitude & not kill myself my first week in! And let me tell you- I needed every second of that rest! Thankful for @jman_tx for the bike support, great music & pics/videos! Ur the best Jason! #altitudetraining #gettinworkdone #justdoit #bebrave #polarm430 #nike #zoomfly

Best parents ever!!! Thank you Mom & Dad for coming to Aarhus to support & cheer me on❤️ It was such a tough race and having you both there screaming your hearts out helped to get me through. I’m incredibly fortunate to have parents like you who have always believed in me & supported me through this crazy running journey! Love you both! #patti&mike #parentsarethebest #worldxc #aarhus2019 #teamcanada🇨🇦 @pattiwodak @michaelwodak

THAT WAS THE HARDEST RACE OF MY LIFE. World XC was incredibly tough. I was in full suffer mode after only 1k into the 10k- The relentless hills were overwhelming & I really struggled - especially on the “roof” which was 150m 10% incline 😬. I’m disappointed with my 43rd place finish but proud of myself for persevering. I had to dig deeper than I ever have before! Thank you to all the Canadians on course cheering- especially my amazing parents! Y’all got me to the finish line!!! Also- huge shoutout to my teammate @lalongen7 for her 20th place finish! AMAZING!!! 🙌🙌 #digdeep #bebrave #worldXC #AARHUS2019 #teamcanada Photos- @arunnerseye @ericadigby

Toured the World XC course today (check out my insta story for course details) - and oh boy it’s CRAZY TOUGH! Sand pits, water & mud pits, massive hills, sharp turns - A true XC COURSE! It’s gonna be very challenging- but I’m up for the challenge!!! I’m so excited to get out there tomorrow with my team canada ladies & get AFTER IT!!! We are ready for battle!!!!! #surviveandthrive #gettough #bebrave #justdoit #worldxc2019 #aarhus2019 #bringiton @athleticscanada @worldcrosscountryaarhus2019 Photos- @arunnerseye