Natasha Wodak

2016 Olympian. Canadian 10000m & 8km record holder. 12 time national team member. Ambassador for Smith Optics, and Polar Global. VOKRA volunteer/supporter. My passion is running, but kitty cats are a close 2nd!

Congrats to my Pacific Elite teammate @happiejacko on a tough fought race at Pan Am XC cup yesterday! His first Canadian senior team - and he did us proud! It’s been awesome training with this guy - always making workouts fun- while still working hard!:) #pacificelite #bettertogether

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‘I know I am in love with you because my reality is finally better than my dreams’ Happy Valentines Day to the love of my life- the man of my dreams❤️ @baggooa

Congratulations to the 8 talented guys & gals named to Team Canada to compete at the World Half Marathon Champs this March 25th in Spain! Unfortunately there is only 14 days between the half & the 10,000m at Commenwealth Games. It was a very tough decision for me to decline to compete in the world half champs. It’s always such an incredible privilege & honour to represent your country & compete at the highest level. Which is why I know if I want to run my ABSOLUTE BEST - I can’t do both:( I’m putting all my eggs in the CWG basket! @sgollishruns @kinseymiddleton - ❤️ you ladies- gonna miss being on the team with you both ! GO & CRUSH IT!!! @emilysetlack @victoriamcoates good luck ladies!👊

Writing out my training for the week helps me stay focused & holds me accountable👊 Looking at my week full of training gets me excited too! I love what I do & I’m so fortunate this is my “job”- my life!❤️ Stole the whiteboard idea from the very talented & FAST @susankrumins (minus her awesome illustrations! I can’t draw worth shit!) And yup I’m about as low mileage an elite 10k runner ur gonna see! #crosstrainingkeepsmehealthy #oneyearinjuryfree #lowmilageclub #itsworking #lessismore #recoveryiskey #justdoit #runlikeagirl

It’s not easy for me to share my struggles with mental health. But I hope by sharing my experience I can help others. In 2016 it probably looked like I was having a fantastic year- I went to the Olympics! But the build up toward my race was a struggle- filled with anxiety & depression with high highs & low lows...At one point in the spring I broke down to a friend & the told her I didn’t want to go to the Olympics if I had to continue feeling this way. The pressure I was putting on myself was too much. I wasn’t sleeping and that made everything worse. I would cry often - & felt like I had no control of my emotions. But I started talking to friends & family & got professional help. I started a low dose of medication. And Slowly I started to feel like ME again. When I met Alan in the fall of 2016 I was doing much better but still had small bouts of anxiety. I was terrified to share this with him . But he has been the most supportive & understanding man- my rock. And today I am the happiest I’ve ever been. My MH issues are under control. But I know if things get dark again- I have ample resources to get me feeling good again. If you are dealing with mental health issues and are scared to talk about it & get help- please be brave & talk to someone. And know you are NOT ALONE. It is in your darkest hour that you find your greatness strength. #BellLetsTalk #mentalhealth #bebrave #youarenotalone #thereisalightattheendofthetunnel

So it’s race day and it’s raining & cold (no surprise if you live in Vancouver!🌧)! Here are some race day running essentials!- 1. a hat- absolute must for me. Keep the rain out of your face & eyes! 2. Capri or long tights. Just because it’s race day doesn’t mean you have to wear shorts. 3. Arm sleeves or a long sleeve- both tight water wicking material. I like arm sleeves as I have the option to throw them off mid race if I get too warm. 4. Gloves!!!! No one wants freezing hands during a race! 5. A complete change of dry clothes for afterward- don’t forget extra shoes & socks too!!! What are your rainy race day essentials??? #raincouver #racedayready #rainyracedayessentials #runningintherain

Going into our last lap of our final mile of our 5*mile WO today... not gonna lie it was a tough session today. It was cold, & pouring rain- just couldn’t seem to get our legs moving! BUT we got it done! And sometimes that’s all u can do! Another one in the bank! Thanks to my relentlessly positive coach Lynn- supporting us every lap! Thx @ronloewen for being out there with me today- couldn’t have survived without ya. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #characterbuildingkindaWO #flyingsoccerballs #getmad #staysmooth #makesusstronger #onwardtoCWG #roadtogoldcoast #polarm430