Natasha Wodak

2016 Olympian. Canadian 10000m & 8km record holder. 12 time national team member. Ambassador for Smith Optics, and Polar Global. VOKRA volunteer/supporter. My passion is running, but kitty cats are a close 2nd!

Not gonna lie the Sun Run was a rough race for me- I felt off from the start and by the end I was hurting pretty bad going into the final km. But I was able to finish strong- pumping my arms- the way I have been practicing in training. It’s nice to see that the lil things we have been tweaking in training are coming through in my races! If you don’t do it in training- you won’t do it in a race! #pumpthosearms #ARMS #pacificelite #sunrun2018 #zoomfly #nikecanada #bebrave #mpolar430 Photo credit @ultrathai

I crossed the finish line and was so thankful that 2 seconds later my mom was there to hug me- to hold me up- to stop the tears. I was 4th today at the @vancouversunrun in a time of 33:04- not what I wanted but all I had. I left it all on the track in Australia 2 weeks ago & am just simply mentally & physically exhausted. But I came out here today and did my very best- which is all you can ask of yourself! #momisthebest #sometimesyouhaveitsometimesyoudont #vancouversunrun #bebrave Photo credit @golikemary

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RECOVERY RECOVERY RECOVERY! Trying to remember that this is what I need to be doing this week! With a fully packed season ahead I’m itching to get back at it. But I know I need to respect the very hard effort I put in on Monday at CWG. So only very easy runs and pool runs this week. I very much enjoyed an easy run along the coastal trail of Noosa National Park- spectacular views! #recoveryiskey #recoveryrun #runhardrecoverhard #noosanationalparkcoastalwalk #noosanationalpark #noosarunning #nikegirl #pegasus34 #justdoit #polarm430 #smithoptics #nuunlife #bebrave #tfierce

“YES YOU CAN!”- what I was repeating over & over again in my head throughout those 25 laps at CWG. I gave it my absolute everything and came so close to a medal! (1.5 seconds from bronze!) I’m super happy with the race- 5th place & my 2nd fastest 10k ever 31:50.18- and I felt STRONG!! More to come this season for sure!!! I’m so incredibly lucky to have the worlds best coach/ @lynnkanuka! She never doubted my ability to compete for a medal. thank you for always believing in me Lynn! We got a good thing going on 😁 Feeling so very grateful for all the love and support I’ve received before & after my race🤗❤️ thank you to all my wonderful, supportive friends & family ❤️ #wedidit #bebrave #getafterit #cwg2018 #goldcoast2018 #teamcanada