Natasha Wodak

2016 Olympian Canadian 10000m record holder 15 time national team member Ambassador for Smith, Nuun, Clif Bar, Session Athletics Nike Canada VOKRA volunteer/supporter My passion is running, but kitty cats are a close 2nd!


Hey ya'll!  Here's some pics from my (not so great) 10,000m race at Pan Am Games last thursday night. Most of the photos are from the first half of the race when things were still going my way:) I will not include the last 6 laps of the race- lol.  Thanks for some great shots Chris Lepik!

Was so great having my Dad there supporting me every lap:)  Love ya Dad!

When my race started going sideways- I think my mom's face says it all....sorry momdog-(  thankful you were there to support me.

My 2 aunts and my mom- track side! Sisters re-united!

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